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November 2020

I am so proud to present my first ever novel. This piece was written after an event that changed a lot in my life. 
Primrose meets a demon who lives under her bed. She accidently falls into their world and must escape with her soul so she can find her brother in time.

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Related to Strangers

February 2021

My second book - a novella. 
April goes north of Scotland with her brother. They are visiting their recently deceased grandfathers farmhouse. While they are their, April begins to uncover secrets of her family all while fighting for her life. Will she find out the truth and save her brother?

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Fractured Pieces - Book One

March 2021

Frankie awakes covered in scars and with no memory. She finds herself in a city controlled by "The General" where science and magic is illegal. Along with others, she finds the truth of what has happened to her and rid the city of "The Subjects" and "The Society"

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Jade M Hamilton

I am from the West of Scotland. I struggled at school both academically and socially. I was bullied for a long time at school and having undiagnosed learning disabilities made lessons incredibly difficult. I wanted to pursue a creative career but years of bullying which in turn lead to mental illness which then lead to self-sabotaging behaviour, meant that I never felt I deserved it. I went undiagnosed with depression & anxiety for 10 years and finally told by a doctor about my illnesses at the age of 23. Only in the year 2020 did I find my craft of writing. I have faced many battles like others have and I have survived – twice. Now on my path of healing, I find myself wanting to help others and I hope my work does just that.
I am more than my illnesses but there is no denying that they have shaped who I am and as I write this I can truly say I am proud and if you aren’t there yet, don’t worry, you will be there soon and I am proud of how far you have come.

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My next book is called - Hunting Season.

A romance with action and adventure. 

Olivia is a quite woman who keeps to herself. After finding an injured, naked man in the woods, her life changes. 

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"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."
--Toni Morriso

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